Minah Kim

Minah Kim

• Director of User Experience
• Information Architect
• Creative Director of Emerging Media
• Physical Computing Artist
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Minah Kim

Audio Visual System


The idea of a synaesthetic bonding of sound and image is a recurring motif in art and design. These 4 works are combined static visualizations, sonifications, abstract animation, and performance instruments by computer technology provide fascinating tools with which to explore and implement that idea.

Sharp Harp:  +See Video

Visual sketch using openGL / synthesis techniques. Lines are repeating and each line's distance represents sound frequency. When lines are dragged left through a cursor, sound frequency gets higher and lines' intervals get narrower. Otherwise, dragging lines right, frequency gets lower and lines' intervals get broader.

Heavy Yoyo:  +See Video

Visual sketch using openGL / synthesis techniques. Heavy Yoyo generates octangle 8 dots from the current gesture and the previous. When the dots are closed, white dots turn red dots. It repeats.

Sleepy Limbo:  +See Video

Visual sketch using openGL. Repeats through the history of the past modulation ranges for FM modulation.

Spider Harmonica:  +See Video

Visual audio analysis sketches using the FFT / simple code be deisgned for ambient noise and one of the synthesis techniques. There are two sounds, one of which is associated with blue web. Dragging cusor upper left, blue web's movement gets fast, and sound pitch gets high. When hitting keyboard "B", blue web turns red web with switching the synthesis technique sound.

Minah Kim