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Minah Kim

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Minah Kim

The Room Of Sensing Snow, 2004 (Sensing A Novel SnowWorld With An Interactive Room)>>>


Building an imaginary and nonexistent snow environment that involves the senses - seeing, hearing, feeling, and smelling. Bringting to an interaction with all the senses that wilil influence the individual's perception and memory.

+ Try to solve the lack of attention given to obsure senses, such as smell, in various fields.
+ Try to improve the value of the body to provide memories of the moment involving certain senses.
+ Try to stimulate people's perception and behavior of subconscious memories.

+ Enter reflecting plexiglas room covering all walls with LED lights.
+ Shake the snow globe in the room to triger LED lights, sounds, and winds on
+ Try to make LED lights pattern based on how the snow globe is shaken by audiences.

3D Modeling:  +See Video

140X140X90 inches

Simulation (LED lights, sounds, winds):  +See Video

LED (pattern, speed)
Sound (type, volume)
Wind Directions

Job Implemented:



+ Flash Documentation
+ Web Documentation
+ Prototype Documentation

Minah Kim