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Minah Kim

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• Physical Computing Artist
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Minah Kim

The World Of Imaginary Snow, 2005 (Experiencing A Novel SnowWorld With An Interactive Glob)>>>


The World of Imaginary Snow is to create a motion sensing globe to experience imaginary snow visualization as a new translation and communication medium between human imagination and how imagination could be existence perceptually. The main focus of this project is to develop a physical interface and interactivity to explore deep into the abstract world of snow, and to extend individual power of imagination based on being aware of the presence of our imagination.


The purpose of this project is to create an interactive physical installation, Imaginary Snow Globe, to inspire imagination and alternative, novel concepts of multiple aspects of snow. During this project, I thus investigated approaches about how a physical presence abstracted from its realistic context can represent our imaginations.


No one is around. Nothing can be seen. Person or people approach the snow globe, its light turns on, and shows imaginary snow. As person or people rotate and spin it, one image moves another set of visuals.


+ What do I imagine are multiple aspects of snow?
+ Could snow take on color? Or, novel shapes?
+ How can I represent such multiple aspects to participants?
+ How can I create the imaginary snow visualization to be experienced by participants’ interacting with the snow globe?

Job Implemented:

MacBS, Processing, Max/MSP, Jitter


+ Paper Documentation (6.2mb, PDF)
+ Web Documentation
+ Technology Documentation

Exhibition History:

Design + Technology Annual Thesis Exhibition
Parsons School of Design Gallery, New York, NY. 2005

Minah Kim