Minah Kim

Minah Kim

• Director of User Experience
• Information Architect
• Creative Director of Emerging Media
• Physical Computing Artist
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Minah Kim

TV Cup , 2004


As I worked in advertising agency, I learned the value of body senses to provoke memories and how to critically examine and articulate exactly what guides customers’ behaviors. As customers become more sophisticated in their reaction to all forms of advertising and marketing, ad men need new media to provoke people's mind. In starting to think new forms with unutilized media, TV Cup permits people to customize the way they access ads.


TV Cup is a new advertising communication medium to promote advertising customized people's needs. This project’s objective is not only to approach how product company or advertising agency promote products in private space with unique media but also to make users get own product image experiences with their willing for products.


This is a cup looked like TV. As users grab the handle, movie clip is triggered on LCD displayer at the bottom of the cup. When users drink some beverages, movie clip shows different visuals following the cup’s tilts.


+ How can I help people expose advertising willingly?
+ How can people adjust to use communication media?
+ How can I give people opportunities to know about product information with fun?

Job Implemented:

MacBS, Director, Director SerialXtra, Lingo

Minah Kim