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Minah Kim

• Director of User Experience
• Information Architect
• Creative Director of Emerging Media
• Physical Computing Artist
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Minah Kim

Smelly G. W. Bush, 2004


A sensor is a device which changes various types of physicochemical properties of target to a different state. Our sense of smell is connected really well to our memory. This is an experimental piece dealing with how smell associates with visualizaion. The piece is commenting on American mass culture (Mickey Mouse, McDonald, Coca Cola, and Nike) through a sarcastic use of president G.W. Bush's image.


The purpose of this project is to create an interactive physical installation related with smell. Smelly G. W. Bush, to inspire commenting Bush metaphored American mass culture trying to overpower all of the world.


No one is around. Nothing can be seen. As person or people grab and start to smell a device which looks like a bole of bamboo in front of the screen, its light turns on, and shows G.W. Bush's face. As person or people rotate and spin it, smell turns stinky cheese while Bush face becomes Mickey Mouse. More rotate it, Bush face becomes McDonal's character with fried potato's smell, Coca Cola logo's overlaped on Bush's face like a soccer hooligan with Cola's smell, and Bush lips turns on Nike's logo with ruber's smell.


+ How can I comment something with smell?
+ What do I imagine are multiple smells of G.W. Bush?
+ How smell associate with person's personality?
+ How can I represent such smell visualizations to partake?

Job Implemented:

MacBS, Director, Director SerialXtra, Lingo, Photoshop, After Effects, Magic Morph

Exhibition History:

UBISAC 1.0 (The First Ubiquitous Computing, Systems Aesthetics Championship), Flux Factory, Queens, NY. 2004

Minah Kim