Minah Kim

Minah Kim

• Director of User Experience
• Information Architect
• Creative Director of Emerging Media
• Physical Computing Artist
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Minah Kim

Dancing Gloves, 2004


Dancing Gloves is a video tracking controlled by red gloves' movements. The goal of this work is to create an aesthetic system which responds hands' physical movements. The installation shows to user's hands with red gloves via input from an overhead web camera.


The purpose of this project is to create an interactive physical installation. This customized video tracking is drawing and changing abstract outputs on the screen in response to the activities in hands with red gloves.


iSight catches just customized red gloves and a computer monitor shows their movements. The middle finger controls the focus of hands' movements on the monitor and sound velocity. As opening or closing hands, people can bring into or out of the focus. An interval of two hands changes hands' color on the monitor. When two hands keep apart from each other, full color becomes gray. Facing two thumb, monitor shows everything including red hands.


+ How can I help people expose advertising willingly?
+ How can people adjust to use communication media?
+ How can I help people get their own experience of advertising with a new way?
+ How can I give people opportunities to know about product information with fun?

Job Implemented:

MacBS, Max/MSP, Jitter, SoftVNS

Minah Kim